Care package I
Korean pharmacy envelopes, cardboard box
18 1/2x19x14 inches

“Care package” project is my on-going installation project.

For the “Care package” project I unpack the contents of care packages sent by my mother for the last 10 years and then edit and rearrange the sent objects– towels, dried anchovies, stones, bottles, pharmacy envelopes, detergent, hot pepper powders, creating still lives and landscapes from quotidian wares. These objects are displayed inside the shipping boxes, each flipped open and upright in diorama format to reveal the contents.

In collaboration with my mother, I create containers that carry time, care, and distance; that embody routines as well as relationships. It is the binding banality of family and history that tethers a person to the seemingly humble objects, simple tools, and subtle flavors in our lives.
Care package installation