TRACES: 28 Days in Elizabeth Murray’s Studio is a multimedia installation focused on a durational performance in response to the former studio of the late American painter Elizabeth Murray.

This exhibition presents a 5 hour-long video that captures the full scope of my daily performance, a series of photographs depicting discrete choreographic gestures from the durational, time-based work, watercolor drawings replicating marks in Murray’s studio, as well several of Murray’s studio objects—such as a ladder, palettes, door and painting tools—which I used as props in my movements. 

During my time in the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency program, I had the unique opportunity to use Murray’s dairy barn-turned-studio located on the upstate farm where she split her time for over two decades of her life. 

Using my body as a medium through which to channel and revive Murray’s studio, I gradually developed a choreography of intuitive actions and movements repeated over the course of each day. I observed and examined the space, animated Murray’s studio objects through interaction, and created a series of gestures and watercolor drawings that mirror the smudges and traces left on her studio walls.